"Just a note to say a sincere thank you to the reception staff, the nurse who was amazing, the pharmacy dept and especially to Dr Siddiqui for the help and kindness I received on Monday.  I couldn’t have asked for or expected better treatment.  Thank you so much."


"May I take this opportunity to thank DR Hall and colleagues for your wonderful support, care and attention to my Mother and Father's care over the years. I truly believe you have put yourselves out in order to be there, to ensure their health and well being.   Anyone who is registered with your surgery is, in my opinion, very lucky. "


"I just wanted to write a brief note of observation following becoming a patient.  I feel it is important to be made aware of positive feedback and for me, so far, I have received nothing but an outstanding service with the systems, staff and text alerts for repeat prescriptions"   


"The service I received from Marie was well over her duties, her help after I have been up all night with my husband was so comforting that people who can give such help is wonderful.  thank you" 


"have just been to see Locum Doctor and want to let you know that we like his consultation and his manners - how he speaks to a level that the patient understands"


"I would like to put on record the care given to myself today by the Locum.  He could not have been more helpful"  


"The new online system is great.  Your receptionist set me up and in 30 mins I was sorted.  Great imorovement, thanks"   July 2019

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