New Patients

Register as New Patient


We are registering new patients for patients that live within the Sidney  House and The Laurels published registration boundary.   Please note that we no longer accept any NEW patients from the Chelmer Village and Beaulieu Park area.  Please speak to reception to make sure you are within the boundary.

We continue to closely monitoring our patient numbers in order to provide the highest level of care and to ensure all residents within our boundary have access to a GP.  

We can provide you with a paper registration pack, but prefer patients to register online line using the links below. If you have been registered previously with a doctor in the UK, you will need to know their name and address to complete your registration.

We will not refuse an application for registration on the basis of the applicant's race, gender, age, sexual orientation, social class, religion, appearance, disability or medical condition. We will however refuse applications made by those living outside our practice area.

If a Patient needs assistance with registering with a GP Practice please contact NHS England Tel: 0113 824 9112 or 0113 824 9106

Drs Siddiqui, Cunningham & Hall


Boundary Check

Our boundary has now changed - we no longer accept patients in Springfield, Chelmer Village or Beaulieu Park. If you are uncertain please contact the surgery. 

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Registration Process 

Submission of these forms does not guarantee your acceptance onto the patient list. We will need to ensure you live within our Practice boundary.

To register with the surgery you will need to complete BOTH forms:

  1. Patient Registration Form
  2. Adult Patient Questionnaire

To register a child/yound adult with the surgery complete BOTH forms:

  1. Patient Registraton Form
  2. Child Under 16 Years Questionnaire

Additionally to enable you to register for online services (e.g. online booking of appointments) fill in the Online Registration form aplicable to you and please provide:


  • Photographic ID e.g. passport or driving licence
  • For Proxy Access for Adults (Carers) - please, in addition provide written consent from patient or Power of Attorney for Health and Wellbeing 

 (Under 16's)

  • Birth certificate
  • Parents photographic ID

You can email this to and in the subject line state 'For online services registration'. Alternatively, bring the ID into the surgery. 

Please allow 5 working days for registration - you will not receive confirmation of registration.

Temporary Patient Registrations

If you are ill while away from home or if you are not registered with a doctor but need to see one you can receive emergency treatment from the local GP practice.

You can be registered as a temporary patient for up to three months. This will allow you to be on the local practice list and still remain a patient of your permanent GP. After three months you will have to re-register as a temporary patient or permanently register with that practice.

To register as a temporary patient simply contact the local practice you wish to use. Practices do not have to accept you as a temporary patient although they do have an obligation to offer emergency treatment. You cannot register as a temporary patient at a practice in the town or area where you are already registered.

Non-English Speakers

These fact sheets have been written to explain the role of UK health services, the National Health Service (NHS), to newly-arrived individuals seeking asylum. They cover issues such as the role of GPs, their function as gatekeepers to the health services, how to register and how to access emergency services.

Special care has been taken to ensure that information is given in clear language, and the content and style has been tested with user groups.

Open the leaflets in one of the following languages: