GP Extended Hours

GP extended Hours

Extended Access to GP Services

What is Extended Access?

Extended Access offers bookable appointments for GP-led services later into the evening, at weekends and bank holidays. These appointments are available at a number of sites called “extended access hubs” across mid Essex and could be with a GP, Nurse Practitioner, Practice Nurse or Health Care Assistant.

Can I book an appointment at any of the extended access hubs?

Yes, you can book an appointment to attend any of the extended access hubs.  There are 4 extended access hubs and they are:

  • Elizabeth Courtauld Surgery, Factory Lane West, Halstead, CO9 1EX
  • North Chelmsford Health Centre, Sainsbury's, 2 White Hart Lane, Chelmsford, CM2 5EF
  • Mount Chambers Surgery, 92 Coggleshall Road, Braintree, CM7 9BY
  • Longfield Medical Centre, Princes Road, Maldon, CM9 5DF – you can ask for an appointment there from 1st October 2018

How can I book an appointment at an extended access hub?

You can book by phoning or visiting your own GP practice in the normal way. If your practice does not have an appointment for you at its own premises, you may be offered an appointment at one of the extended access hubs. If your GP practice is already closed when you want to book an appointment, you can call NHS 111 who will assess your health needs and book you an extended access appointment if that is the most appropriate way to assist with your healthcare needs.

How can I cancel an appointment I have booked at an extended access hub?

If you cannot attend an appointment you have booked at an extended access hub, you should contact your own practice in the normal way during their opening hours to cancel, or you can call 07384 579479 and leave a voicemail with your name, address and the date and time your appointment was booked for.

Will I get a text message reminding me about my appointment?

You will only receive a text message to remind you about your appointment if your own GP practice already offers text reminders when you book appointments. Text messages are automatically sent from GP practices that offer the service, but if yours does not, you will not receive one.

How will my own practice know about the treatment I received at the extended access hub?

All treatment provided by the healthcare professionals at the extended access hub will be sent to your own GP practice so your records remain up to date. If you are referred to another service or you have tests done, all results and messages will go to your own GP practice.  The extended access service will not hold separate records regarding your treatment.

 Can I just walk in and be seen?

NO  THIS IS NOT A WALK IN SERVICE – it can be used only by booking an appointment through your own GP practice or NHS 111.

Can I book, view and cancel appointments online?

No, at the moment you will not be able to book, view or cancel appointments using GP online services. Once this option is available, your own GP practice will let you know.

What information will the extended access hub have about me?

Extended Access is an extension of the routine services that you would receive from your own GP practice, so the healthcare professionals you see will have the same access to your full medical record as your own practice GPs and staff. That way, they can give you advice and treatment in the same way that your own practice would.

All your information is held on a secure system and once you have had your appointment at the Extended Access hub your records will be updated and passed back to your own GP practice. The Extended Access hub no longer have access to your records once your appointment has been completed and your own GP practice has been informed of the advice  or treatment that you received.

If you do not wish the healthcare professionals working in an Extended Access hub to have access to your full medical record, they will unfortunately not be able to see you and you will not be given an appointment.

Is the service meant to be used by commuters who are often at work during normal GP surgery hours?

Commuters are welcome to request Extended Access appointments but the service available to everyone registered with a mid Essex GP practice and is not targeted at a particular group.

If I go to an Extended Access hub more than once, will I been seen by the same people each time?

Unfortunately there is no guarantee that you will be seen by the same healthcare professional on each visit, but the Extended Access service will be staffed by permanent members of the team, not temporary staff who are constantly moving on.