Statement of Purpose - The Laurels and Sidney House Surgeries

This is a statement of purpose for Sidney House and the Laurels Surgeries which sets out the following information.

·         The full name and contact details of the service provider and registered manager of that service,business address and contact details.
·         The Legal status of the service provider
·         Details of the locations at which the services provided for the purposes of the regulated activity are carried out
·         Our aims and objectives in carrying out those regulated activities
·         The kinds of services provided for the purpose of carrying out those regulated activities.
·         The range of service users’ needs for which those services are intended.

Sidney House and the Laurels Surgeries are a General Practice Partnership, operating a General Medical Services contract for NHS England as part of Mid Essex CCG.

We are open to all patients living within our designated practice boundary in the villages and areas surrounding Boreham and Hatfield Peverel in Chelmsford, Essex.
We offer primary care services for the diagnosis and management of illness as well as the prevention of disease and offer services to support and maintain psychological and physical wellbeing for patients of all ages, genders and cultures. We work in partnership with our patients to best help them manage their health and wellbeing and those conditions and situations which may impinge on them and with those colleagues who offer additional and specialist services to our patients in primary care, under the terms of our patient charter, in allegiance with our patient participation group and those contracts under which services are provided.

Our GP’s offer appointments throughout the working week. Our GP’s will assess, diagnose, investigate, treat and share the management of our patients illness’s, offer appropriate screening for disease, and aim to promote wellbeing, by using the service most appropriate to each individuals need at the time. This may include referral to colleagues in primary care, additional primary care services such as midwifery, health visiting and dentistry, or onward referral to community or hospital services so that the patient may receive specialist assessment and management when required.

Our nursing staff offer appointments throughout the week for a range of services, including minor illness, contraception and wound management, as well as specialist clinics in managing Diabetes, respiratory conditions, cardio-vascular diseases and monitoring clinics as well as a wide range of additional services in conjunction with our GP’s.

Any information we hold about you is stored in your medical record in a safe and secure manner as required by the law. We are a training practice, and as such our GP’s are involved in the education and training of doctors, other healthcare professionals and other practice staff.

Our Mission Statement

To maintain and if able improve the health and wellbeing of those patients for whom we care.

Aims and Objectives
  • To provide the highest quality, safe, evidence based, professional Primary Care services to all of our patients all of the time.
  • To offer those services from high quality, clean and accessible facilities
  • To ensure all of our staff are recruited according to current guidance and that they are appropriately trained and competent to offer those services they are employed to do. To maintain the skills and motivation of our staff and to facilitate their development through access to and support through training.
  • To treat patients as individuals and with respect as per our patient charter, enabling our patients to maintain the highest level of choice and independence available to them.
  • To work in partnership with those patients we treat, in conjunction with their families and carers to facilitate a plan of care which is individual and involves the patient in decisions about themselves.
  • To offer health promotion and disease prevention to all patients as and when appropriate.
  • To work in partnership with relevant agencies to provide appropriate care to all of our patients as they may require and to share only information which may be relevant to that care after due consent is obtained.
  • To work in partnership with our patient population and encourage communication and discussion about the services we offer by means of a Patient participation group; whose members can give voice to patient concerns, offer a patients opinion and take part in quality survey and feedback on those services that we offer.
  • To uphold a zero tolerance stance to all forms of abuse in all walks of life
  • To support our staff to be able to do their jobs in an environment free from abuse, and with managed risk.
  • To operate our services on a sound financial basis
  • To meet and treat our patients in a friendly, safe and accessible environment.

Our services are provided from 2 locations.

Site 1
Sidney House Surgery
Strutt Close, Hatfield Peverel
Essex, CM3 2HB
01245 380324
Fax 01245 381488

Sidney House Surgery is a purpose built facility in the centre of the village of Hatfield Peverel. The ground floor is fully accessible to disabled and wheelchair users. There is a large car park to the rear of the surgery offered by the Parish council with free parking for 2 hours and several disabled bays.
The surgery offers a full range of primary care services for all registered patients as well as temporary residents. There are normally 1-5 GP’s consulting and 1-4 nurses offering minor illness, treatment room and specialist clinics.
There are 9 ground floor consulting and treatment rooms and one  mental health consulting room on the 1st floor. Those patients unable to access the 1st floor will be catered for in ground floor facilities as needed.
There are timetabled clinics for maternity and child health services and vaccinations. There is an onsite dispensary for those registered patients eligible to receive dispensary services.

Site 2
The Laurels Surgery
Juniper Road, Boreham
Essex, CM3 3DX
01245 467364
Fax 01245 465584

The Laurels Surgery is a purpose built/renovated building in the centre of the village of Boreham. It is fully accessible to disabled and wheelchair users, offering a lift to access those services on the 1st floor of the building. There is a small amount of off street parking including disabled parking.
The surgery offers pre-bookable appointments for all registered patients as well as temporary residents, but there are no services available “on the day” as these are offered at our Sidney House site.There are normally 1-3 GP’s consulting and 1-2 nurses offering pre-bookable appointments in specific clinics.
There are 8 ground floor consulting and treatment rooms, and 2 mental health consulting rooms on the 1st floor. There are timetabled clinics for maternity and child health services and vaccinations.
There is an onsite independent Pharmacy offering a full range of pharmaceutical services to all our registered patients and others not registered to receive our services.
Registered Manager
The registered manager for those services provided at these sites is - Dr Simon Butcher.
Dr Butcher is based at Sidney House in Hatfield Peverel. (Address and contact as header)

Regulated services provided at our locations
  • Acute services
    • E.g. Diagnosis and management of acute illness and injury
  • Long term conditions services
    • E.g. Diagnosis and management of long term health conditions which include Diabetes Mellitus, Asthma, COPD, Hypertension and heart disease, mental health conditions, cancer and others
  • Community healthcare services
    • E.g. Health visiting services, District nursing, Community matron service
  • Community based services for people with mental health needs
    • Mental health nurse services
  • Community based services for people with a learning disability
    • Learning disabilities health assessment clinics
  • Doctors consultation service
  • Doctors treatment service
  • Diagnostic and or screening service
Regulated activities carried out at our locations include
  • Treatment of disease, disorder or injury
  • Surgical procedures
  • Diagnostic and screening procedures
  • Maternity and Midwifery services
  • Family planning service
Service description

The services provided by our staff are defined under the Personal Medical services contract, held NHS England and Dr Butcher and Partners.
They comprise of
  • Essential services
  • Additional services
  • Enhanced services
Essential services are those defined in the national General medical services contract and include consultations with registered and temporary patients who are (or believe themselves to be) ill with conditions from which recovery is expected, terminal illnesses or those suffering from chronic disease.

Clinics and services offered for this include as an example
  • GP appointments
  • Nurse appointments
  • Diabetes nurse clinic
  • Asthma nurse clinic
  • COPD nurse clinic
  • Healthy Heart Clinic
Additional services which are provided are
  • Cervical cytology screening
  • Contraceptive services
  • Child Health surveillance
  • Maternity Services
  • Certain minor surgery procedures
  • Vaccinations and Immunisations
Enhanced services which are provided include (list is not exhaustive and liable to change)
  • Enhanced Minor surgery / Cryotherapy
  • Travel Vaccination
  • Warfarin monitoring
  • Prostate cancer chemotherapy injections
  • Influenza Immunisation
  • Joint Injections
  • Smoking cessation
  • NHS Health Checks
  • ECG
We also provide numerous non NHS services as detailed in our Non-NHS services and fees list.


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