Sidney House and The Laurels Surgeries : News : Telephone Access Issues

Dear Patient

Some patients have made us aware of difficulty in getting through on the telephone at peak times since the roll out of the new appointment system.

Despite increasing both incoming and outgoing lines we have experienced an increase in call demand of some 30%+ day on day on previous data records.  Our investigations show that many Patients are not trying to make an appointment or to enquire about medication, but, are trying to speak to reception for information about the new appointment system.  We are working with our telephone provider and continue to monitor the telephone performance issues.   We appreciate that some Patients may be frustrated by the call holding times but may we politely ask that Patients do not call at peak times for routine issues.  Thank you for your co-operation.   

Please be advised that information regarding the new booking process can be found on the website or there are leaflets at both surgery locations. 

Patients comfortable with using the internet may register at Reception for on-line services (subject to registration criteria terms and conditions - please see our website for further information.

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